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an extraordinary life comes to an end. >> president obama takes a moment to remember a long time member of congress and friend. senator edward kennedy.
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>> thank you for watching fox 5 midday news. >> the senator died last night after a struggle with brain cancer. the 77-year-old was the last surviving brother in a political family. we'll look back at the life of edward kennedy. whether. >> born on february 2nd, 1932, edward moore kennedy was the youngest of the nine children. he was destined to lead the clan through good times and bad. and when john f. kennedy was the 33rd president in '60. his father knew who should fill the senate seat. the 30-year-old ted kennedy. in 1962, he won a special election and he would be re- elected eight times the kennedy family has had it share of public pain and edward
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standing at the center as the nation looked on. the assassination's claimed the lives of both john f. kennedy and robert f. kennedy in 1986. >> those of us who love him and take him to his rest today pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others would come to pass for all of the world. >> reporter: on july 18th, 1969, the senator's life and career took a tragic turn after attending a party, he drove off of a bridge and inside his car was a woman and he never called the police until her body was found the next day. >> that will live with me for the rest of my life, every day of my life. >> reporter: he pled guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and the -- scar ever left his reputation.
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he sat out several years and in '79, he threw his hat into the presidential ring. i'm a candidate for the president of the united states. >> he challenged jimmy carter for the democratic nomination after a bitter campaign, kennedy lost, but he gave a speech of his career. the work goes on, the cause endures and the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die. >> reporter: following the failed run, he divorced his first wife, joan. he was a fight for causes like minimum wage increases and immigration reform and the issue he held dear, health care. >> if it's good enough for the vice president of the united states and president of the united states and the members of congress, it's good enough for all of the americans, too. >> in 1991, following an
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evening of heavy drinking in florida with his nephew, a woman accused his nephew of raping h and he was acquitted. his personal behavior was a scandal. today, i recognize my own shortcomings and the false and the conduct of my life. >> reporter: in the years after the smith trial, he found peace with his legacy. he found a spirit in the white house when kennedy's friend, clinton was president and years later, the political bombs would be tested between the two. >> i'm proud to stand with them here today and offer my help and mvoice, energy and commitment to make barack obama the next president of the united states. >> reporter: but just as he threw his energy into barack obama's battle into the
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nomination, he faced the biggest fight of his life. on may 17th, 2008, after suffering seizures he was rushed to massachusetts general hospital beginning the final fight of one of the most storied lives in politica history. >> that was tom fitzgerald reporting nnedy family says, we've lost the center of the family and yous you light in the lives and he'll live on in our hearts for ever. we thank everyone that gave him support and care and everyone that stood with him towards justice, fairness and opportunity for all. >> from president obama and leaders oversea, condolences are starting to pour in by the minutes. we're here with more on the reaction of the death of the man known as the liberal lion.
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>> yes, and condolences are coming in and he was known to work with democrat and republicans. former president george bush offered his sympathies and mentioned his respected for the stead fact public service. the widow of republican president ronald kennedy -- ronald ronald, nancy reagan mentioned finding common ground with kennedy. she considered him a friend and an ally. appearing outside of a beach house where he was vacationing, president obama called him an extraordinary leader. >> his ideals are stamps on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives and seniors who know dignity and families that knonew opportunity and children who know education's promise, and in all, who can pursue their dreams in an
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america that's more equal and more just including myself. >> and also, others this morning, the political contributor here, peter fin rked with him in '62 during the campaign. he also remembered him as someone that was compassionate, a great human being to those around him. >> when anybody got sick, his was t first call and when a family tragedy hit, he was there. he felt he knew it. >> now, reaction is pour anything froaround the world today. harry reed says that the liberal lion's mighty roar may fall silent, but his dreams my never die. he promises to push for the health care reform and california governor, arnold schwarzenegger says he taught us that public service is a way
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of life. gordon brown says that even facing illness and death, he never stopped fighting for the cares of his life's worth. the best tribute is a renewed vigor. and now, he's been working on health care reform and the senate's top democrat i harry reed promised they'll carry the torch and push forward to make it a reallity. and he made the health care reform a lifetime passion. and he first called for it in '66 when he proposed an amendment to the economic opportunity act and 30 years later, he sponsored several more act and the state's children health insurance program to insure kids from low- income families and he
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sponsored the family opportunity act in 2006 that expanded medicate coverage for children with special needs. one of the big questions looming ride now? who's going to take over the seat in the senate. here are the candidates? a special election will take place after he leaves his post and governor's used to appoint the replacement senators and that was changed in 2004 to make it a democratic process. >> with less than 3 months to go, the race for governor in virginia is heating up , deeds is up against mcdonald and mcdonalds has the lead and deeds hoping to gain support. earlier, he joined us to talk about the issues that can turn
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the tide. >> and by the end of the day, there are a will the of issues and we're in economic time and the next governor has to restore the confidence in the economy and people need to kw who will fix the transportation system that's broken and who will put virginia people back to work and i have that plan. >> both by the way launched new ads and mcdonaldss focuses on green jobs and he thinks it will bring new jobs to the state. mcdonalds' expected to announce the port of. a major business association today. and voters head to the polls on the third of november. well, there's tropical trouble brewing and here, another nice day at home. temperatures are weighing up. >> it's warm outside as tucker
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was saying it will stay that way. >> yes, we'll have highs in the 90s. we have a form as of -- tropical storm danny. d and we'll go to the maps and we'll show you the tropics and there you go. that's danny and maximum winds are 45. 'ski to rac tngthe north and northwest. and we got to watch this one carefully, ts we get into the weekend, it's possible that this could drop into a hurricane and be llcentered off eto he carolinas awent g i saturday morning. and more on o danny coming up a named storm. 80 degrees at reagan national and humidity at 62% and winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour and a beautiful day and a lot of sunshine across the area and the humidity is in check and it's not humid and we won't have thunderstorms until tomorrow. o
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rain shower activity, especially in the cold front, that will be here tomorrow. for the rest of the day, not a bad looking day and we'll have mostly sunny skies and hot with the 90s. we'll have more coming up. well, thank you. a graphic new video designed to keep kids from texting while driving. we'll tell you more. and this erupted into flames and a report on the fire is out. >> and oh, boy, this says it all. more on why he was at a tyson corner intersection. look at him just standing there with his sign on. back in a moment.
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just as the election
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results show that afghanistan's president has a lead, the violence rages on. 41 are killed and five bombs explode and elsewhere, four troops were killed in southern afghanistanment on the election front, the final results won't be ready until mid-september. the taliban has a new leader and two of the top commanders confirmed that the network selected has a new chief. the former leader was killed earlier this month. there was speculation he was killed in a meeting to select a successor. hugo chavez is cutting ties with columbia. threason is the cut with columbia and the u.s.. it would let the military increase their presence into a lease. and nasa could try again
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friday to send the space shuttle discovery into outer space. it was scrubbed twice yesterday because of thunderstorms and then, a faulty fuel valve. discovery is on mission to bring the supplies to the international space station. if it doesn't fly by sunday, it will be until october until they can go. blood and dead bodies are images that appear in an announcement about texting and driving and some say they're going too far. the ad drives home the message that while texting and driving can kill. we can't show you a lot of the ad, it was a 30 minute ad for students. a student driver says it may not impact her peers though. you can't stop people from doing it. they'll continue doing it and people will always do it like drinking and driving.
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>> and a driving instructor says it's more dramatic than the other films than the drunk driving ones. if you want to see it, go to and a lot of you may remember this massive fire that burned a mansion in northwest washington last month and investigators are released a report saying that the fire was accidental. the final report is expected in a few weeks. it's the first full day on the job of a new police chief in alexander, virginia. an emotional speech, he accredited his parents for his success. >> together, with my mom, i give her the credit. we grew up in the burb.
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they gave me the confidence to dream, that one day, i could define my own destiny. >> he's spent decades on the force and he takes over for david baker. anthe swine flu could kill between 30,090,000 in the united states. and you compare that to 36,000 that normally die from the swine flu. earlier this mning, we were joined -- >> we're planning on starting the school base flu vaccine campaign with the seasonal vaccine and that's important. we want everybody to have the flu vaccine and we'll be starting that at the end of september and then, later on when the h1n1 vaccine comes in,
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we'll again that school based vaccination campaign. >> it's important to get the regular vaccine also. the white house announced some staggering predictions about the national deficit. it turns out, it will be $2 trillion more than previously thought. and officials are projecting a $9 trillion deficit over the decade and 10 years from now, it will equal 3/4 of the economy. postal service is having money problems of its observe -- of its own. >> 30,000 will be offered a $15,000 severance package. and the deal applies to retail clerks and mail handlers. carriers aren't include. it could save a billion dollars over the next 2 years. and the coverage over the
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ted kennedy continues today. we'll talk to a report about the impact he had onpolitics and the country and plus, chris brown learns his fate. what the judge decided for the pop star. >> >> and we reerel h htop you find a job. h today's opening is at y mgym, children's fitness center in waldorf. they're looking for a part-time teacher. llcevtua ty, salereachers. al it's $8 to $20 an hour. if you would like more information, go to focoxdc. m. click on the job shop tab, that's neato t e hofom the he e page. we're taking a break and coming back with the midday show. 
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well, you have a chance to make your millions. no winning tickets were sold last night for the megamillions
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jackpot and the next drawing is on friday. and, there's a new millionaire in the fine state of south carolina. he hit last week's powerball jackpot. the lottery winner stepped into the limelight yesterday to pick up his check. he didn't say whether or not he's going to take the lump sum or payments and he had this to say. it's not going to per se, change me. i'm already retired and i have a good income, god blessed me, i won't do a bunch with it. >> i could have used the money, to do a bunch with it! >> it's played in 30 states. >> and i'm going to stop, it's his money. >> i thought i won, but i didn't. >> he says he bought two tickets an he wasted a dollar. >> yeah, he's frugal.
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>> he wasted a dollar. >> we, a will thof people wasted a lot. >> and we'll have the details on the forecast coming up. sunny and hot, sunny and hot now, too. >> we're learning to sharpen knives in studio b. >> we'll talk to this guy, right here. and find out why he's flashing this sign around a busy tyson corner intersection. and i expect his wife has something to do with it. >> and holly has more. >> holly. >> well, it's a serious acting class going on as we speak. as you well know, acting classes, dancing classes and singing, they're expect speansive -- expensive. not next week. we're live this morning and we have a opportunity of a lifetime for you and your child. we'll tell you how to get in on it, next. stay with us. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
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top story, the passing of ted kennedy. he died overnight. the star's making head lines over the world. flags across the district flying at half staff in his memory. he was77 years old. now, over the decades, he had an affect on the natio through his politics and seth stern is a reporter joining us to talk about the late senator. >> a wonderful articleyou can find on the about the life and legacy you can find on senator kennedy and how do you begin to boil this down and say, this is senator kennedy's legacy.
11:30 am
where do you start? >> well, it's extraordinary and unique. when you look at the bills he was involved in and the laws he helped enact and civil rights and immigration and what he considered the cause of his life, health care. it's a broad impact >> they've been doing it and you're hearing the term, the liberal lion. well, it can't be easy to stand alone and fight for the causes that are not always popular. >> well, it's remarkable he was the liberal lion fighting the causes that his brother's believed in and he continued throughout his career, whether or not it was democrats in the white house, controlling congress or republicans controlling congress, it was really a part of his legacy. outside of the capitol, he was a great liberal and inside congress, he was a legislature whose ability was to work with everyone.
11:31 am
>> and that's an art that's lost today on a lot of senators and congress people in the congress. this was a tr art ideed. he had a unique gift as a legislator to be able to work with the republicans, part of it was his tremendous trust he had. democrats trusted him. there was no sense he was going to sell you out. and that meant that he was a partner. if you coud win over ted kennedy, you could bring with him more democrats. he develop close relaonships with the republicans who were surprised that happened. the most famous example, warren hatchrom utah. his goal was to work against ted kennedy and they became friends. >> how do you begin to feel these shoes in the senate. how do you begin to do that. we're talking about several names.
11:32 am
his wife is among them. could anyone come in and take over the role he's left. will it just be a different day in congress. >> well, it's hard to predict anyone being able to fill his shoes. being there 47 years, having the kennedy name, the longevity, his skills in congress. it's difficult to predict that anyone could fill those shoes. and now, with the health care reform bill out there and something he worked for, what happens with this? what happens to see this until the end for the democrats. >> certainly, it makes it more the priority to get it through and to finish the legacy to that he didn't and his absence has been fell throughout the year and it's been said it would be going better if he was here. i think that's continuing to be the case.
11:33 am
>> and seth, thank you. >>ou're welcome. >> over to you guys. well, thank you. >> yeah, big shoes to fill, certainly. he'll be missed. >> so, you're watching what's happening with us and danny? yes, we got the name half an hour ago and we're going to have to keep an eye on it into the weekend. it could impact washington weather and the beaches here. we'll get to it with the head lines. it's beautiful here. >> it's kind of warm, it's nice. >> well, warmer than yesterday. >> it will be hot. that's the leading head line. sunny and hot. the reason it's not bad is because of the humidity. >> isolated storms thursday. if you want a thunderstorm at your house you'll have to wait and we'll talk about the weekend. friday through sunday look unsettled. that's saying we're not sure what's going to happen and we
11:34 am
have a new tropical storm we're monitoring. that's danny, maximum winds of 45 miles per hour. we'll have to watch this path carefully. 82 at reagan national and 84 in baltimore and 84 at dulles and 89-degree, that's the winner in ocean city and the highs will be warmer than yesterday, yesterday in the 80s and today, its -- 90s. the forecast this afternoon, it looks nice and a lot of sunshine expected. we have clear skies outside and high pressure is moving through the area at this hour. cold front to the north and west and this is going to try to get in here tomorrow. it's a weak one. we have the isolated showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for late in the day tomorrow. we'll move on and we'll show you danny and give you the latest here. it's not terribly impressive on
11:35 am
the radaat this hour and danny has shown confection here. this is the spaghetti plot of the track. it's the track of danny and you'll notice, they're closer together and most of them want to take them up towards the coastline and off to the north and east towards the washington area towards the weekend. this needs to be fine tuned and it's not written in stone here. we have to see how intense it gets and it could impact us at the beaches and bring rain to washington depending on how it tracks to the coastline saturday and sunday. we'll continue to watch that for you. >> this afternoon, it will be beautiful outside and mostly sunny skies and a hot afternoon at 91 degrees and the winds from the west at 5 miles per hour. tonight, you notice the humidity and overnight lows at 70 here and upper 60s to the north and west and no rain showers until tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. a few thunderstorms and then, i
11:36 am
mentioned, friday, saturday, sunday. through a will the of clouds and possibility of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. as i mentioned, we'll have to see what happens with the track of danny and the cold front impacting us this weekend. we'll have to fine tune the forecast. a hopefully it won't rain the whole weekend. >> well, a little bit of fall is getting here. >> it's warm today, i suspect not as hot as this fella. >> or his wife, for that matter. this begs a question, would you or wouldn't you. he's from centreville, virginia. will it reads you see it here, i cheated and this is my punishment. >> he stayed out for most of the morning commute and created a commotion and apparently, his wife brokered the deal and some ladies loved the idea
11:37 am
>> i thought she was kidding, but she was series. so? i figured i got to do what i got to do to make things right. so, here i am. i think it's a great idea. i mean, men learn -- [ indiscernible ] you have to learn. >> that's the best punishment i've heard of. >> well, he says he's going to be hitting the streets with the sign tomorrow, again on friday and, that more could be on the horizon. >> well? >> what do you think, tuck? well, that was a tough way to make amends. >> well, he had to show her she wants to be back. >> and then she leaves him? looking for something fun to do for the weekend? how about dance, drama and music. and holly's coming up, after the break. and this is the water cooler today. >> i thought this was it. ♪
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everyone's trying to save money and this weekend, your child can take classes for free. >> i told you guys. we were having a serious acting class. i wanted you to hear them practicing the license. miles, give us one. >> a midsummer night's dream. >> a play at the globe theater, a midsummer night's dream! excellent, excellent. bravo, bravo. who says you're too young for shakespeare. they have a lot going on at imagination stage. this is a great place and it's in bethesda and it's open for
11:42 am
30 years and one of the largest multidisciplined areas for the young people in the regio >> nay're dogate. -- they're doing great. >> yes, and and on the 3rd and the 5th we have sample classes for the kids who haven't tried it before. they can see what the class is like. it's expensive to sign up for things and this is a way to see if your child has the mug bug and wants to be creative and artistic and you're also showing free performances and you do professional performances also. >> we'll show a preview of
11:43 am
great songs for the upcoming songs. we have a fun season coming up. >> and maybe the family can get bitten by the bug together. >> why is it so successful for three decades now. >> well, there's a need in the community for what we do and every kid loves to have a chance to be an actor and they tell me about their first experience in the theater and it's a memory they cherish and then for a family, it's fun to go to the theater together as quality time. >> absolutely. >> we're creating memories and quality time here this morning in the magic tree house adventure. and debbie is the teacher. what's going on here? we're acting out the magic tree house adventures.
11:44 am
a young boy and girl go on adveratures by pointing at a book and saying, i wish i could go there and this is elizabethan england. >> do you think you're ready to act on tv? yes. >> live tv, are you ready. give me your best acting in the next few seconds. act neutral. okay, down to the ground. go to make the tree house. come into the three house, we find a note, fom who? what does it sound like. >> first line, in your best morgan voice. to find a special magic, you must step into the light. without a spell or charm -- >> i have the same problem when
11:45 am
the script a far away. you keep on going on and go to we have a link to the imagination stage website, september 3rd and 5th. those are the two days for the free open houses. it's age specific and we have different opportunities at different times. now, they're really getting into it. >> what a great opportunity, holly, thank you. straight ahead this morning, chris brown now knows his fate when it comes to legal trouble and what they've decided is appropriate punishment and we'll be joined with all of the details. >> and we'll talk with tucker and the guest chef. they're doing cooking. we bk a moment. 
11:46 am
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11:48 am
chris brown is sentenced
11:49 am
for beating his forming girlfriend, rihanna and is michael jackson's doctor lying? good morning. >> good morning to you guys. >> let's start with chris brown. finally, we know what kind of time and probation the singer faces now? yeah, he'll be on a five year probation and interesting when the one -- judge was talking to him. she said, she's not immune to the stories out there. that they may be seeing each other and that's going on, i'll throw you in jail. she's making sure there's no communication and she wants him doing hard labor in virginia. he's going to be subject to searches at any possible time for the next five years and if a cob walks up -- cop walks up and tells him to do something,
11:50 am
she'll have to do it. a lot of people thought it was too stern, but i thought, this is what he deserved. >> aren't there rumors they're talking? >> well, that's what the rumors are and that's why the judge told him that. next up, michael jackson. you know, i kind of expected this to happen. someone's spotted michael jackson, perhaps? well, that he's still alive, he still lives on? there. >> well, you're talking about the videos. well, obviously, completely fake. it shows a van pulling up and a gate coming down and there's a guy that looks like michael jackson getting into the back and running into a building. well, someone's making a joke out of it. it's caused quite a stir. i think it's hilarious, though. definitely not real. he's, of course, dead. >> and yes, of course. and what's going on with david
11:51 am
blaine. i tell you, some think he's off of his rocker a bit? >> well, there's this story going on that he was swimming in the water in the hamptons and life guards had to rescue him and he said, no, they wanted exercise and they just came out to me. life guards just don't come out to you for exercise and he was in need of help and it's funny because of all of the water stunts he's done. well, if you're a magician, just walk out there. he's just a man, mere mortal. and thank you. you can catch tmz after the news at 6:00. and right now, we'll head to studio b and see what tucker is up to today. >> we have a special guest today. we have two guests. we have maria andian overcook
11:52 am
-- over at cookologist. you're a school, right? yes. >> you'll teach cooking stills to people? yes, we do culinary boot camp classes and they're really fun. if you're a beginner and don't know how to get around in the kitchen. take a camp for five weeks and learn all you need to know. >> tell me about date night. >> that's the best class and the most popular and you work in tandem. >> do you find a date or bring one. >> bring a date. >> and we'll do the knife skills today and you promised me, first of all, this knife apparently it's brand-new and i'm intimidated by it. i'll watch you perform your skill's -- skills here. >> we'll let you slide on that one. give me tips.
11:53 am
if i want to impression lady -- impress the lady of my life, what do i do? well, no one holds it right and you'll want to pinch it here between your index finger and your thumb. >> protecting your hand from the knife. >> yeah, it makes it more stable. >> okay, okay, good first tip. >> well, the onion is unruly, it could be dangerous, the first thing you'll want to do is slice the ends off. then, i usually, well, for onion rings, take a cut off of the bottom so it doesn't roll around on you. >> well, that's good to know. >> once it's stable, get to work on it. >> i want to know more skills here. i'm eager to learn. >> we'll put a cut here and you can do an easy peel. >> and i'm going let you do that. >> why is it that i want to cry
11:54 am
when i'm with you. >> that's the onion. and what you'll do, grab it like i showed you. >> i'm left-handed is that fine. >> no, that's fine. >> and you'll cut it this way. >> hold the onion here. >> push forward with the knife and not down. how's that. >> that's perfect. he's ready to teach the class. what else can you teach me other than not cut myself. >> well, you can stop there and lay it down if you want to shop it and cut it in half and if you want a quick chop. now, your finger, you line it up first. you'll wa it to be nice and straht. keep your fingers out of the way, that is straight down cut. >> are you chopping here. >> you're really just slicing. the chopping is using both
11:55 am
hands. >> well,et's see chopping. >> well, so, this is the. clog. well, as you get it down, you'll want to keep it going and as you get smaller and smaller, place your left hand here. >> and was that a safe move that you pulled here. well, it is for me. >> and you may not suggest that for most. >> i would use a towel to guard your hand. >> how do you keep your knife clean. clean it all of the time? >> yeah, don't put it in the dishwasher with wood handles. it's not that great for it. and clean it and dry it by hand. >> all right, fantastic, go to for more information and we'll have more information on cookology and we'll do taste testing when we come back. back to you at the desk. we have breaking news we want to bring you about senator edward kennedy and the burial of the late senator now. he served in the army in the
11:56 am
1950s from '51 to '53 and we know where his resting place will be. it's reported he'll be buried at arlington national cemetery and that's come -- coming down and of course, he passed away from a brain tumor. he was 77 years old. we'll be back. explain.
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all right, guy, welcome

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